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134                                                THE SABASTATI KUKD.

Immediately under the bridge is a shrine "bearing tibe singular name of

Gargi Sirgi, or as It is sometimes called the Great and Little PathawarL
They are said to have been the two- wives of Gokarn, who when translated
to heaven became the equal of Mahadeva. The mantra to be repeated in honour
of the younger kdy runs as follows a —


" Honour to thee, 0 divine Sirgi, £he Bishi's beaatifbl wife, happy mother,.

beneficent incarnation of Ganri, ever bestowing success.5'

Here are several other groups, of rode vermilion-stained stones, some in
the open, some housed in shrines of tiieir own, which do duty for Bhairav^
Sitala Devi, and MasanL Two fragments are of Buddhist type : one a rail, the
other a sculpture of Maya Devi standing under a pillar with bell-shaped capi-
tal. Opposite the Kailis hill, across the road. Is an open plain, where the
sports of the Ram Lila are celebrated on the festival of the Dasahara* Close
by Is a tank called the Sarasvati-kandj measuring 125 feet square. Owing to
some fault in the construction, it Is almost always dry, and the adjoining build-*
Ings have also rather a ruinous and deserted appearance. We leanij however,
from the following Inscription, -which is on a tablet aver the entrance to the
temple? that the last restoration was completed sa recently as the year 1846 : —

%[ W^ilgK ^ ^K ^ rraT *ra^T ^Mrf! %f
WHdl  ^Pjin

w?   TOcfi

The abovBj, wMch exMbiis several peculiarities^ boih In style and phraseo-
logy, may be rendered as follows : — " Bakdeva G-oisioi, resident of ihe Da-
savatar Gall of Maiiiiori, the devoted senrwit of iifae venerable contempktive ascetic
Hie right reverend Swimi PaMmhaiis, thor onghiy restored from rain the Saras-
vafrkniMij and Lulli this new temple and In due fotm set mp a god in ii. His agents